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0. Due Diligence Materials
1. Executive Summary
2. Technical Documents
3. Ex-Im Bank Funding Guarantee
4. Information Memorandums
5. Funding & Investments
6. Marketing Structure
7. FERA and Senate Bill 2433
8. Backhaul Tower Support
9. South Sudan Proposals
10. Host Country Documents
11. ITU Filings
12. mySWANbank
13. Reports to Friends of SWANsat
14. Bio for Dr. William P. Welty
15. Conferences Addressed
16. Landing Rights Issues
17. United Nations Responses
18. Islamic Banking Issues
19. World Bank and ODA
20. Links that Mention SWANsat
21. The LIBERTY™ Suite
22. SWANsat Aerospace, Our Vendor
23. Relations with the African Union
26. Milestones: Progress to Date
24. The NEPAD Council
25. AUric/Global Settlement Foundation
27. Press Reports about SWANsat
28. Press Images and Logos
29. Mauritius Documents
30. On Visionaries...

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General Due Diligence Materials

Please follow the instructions set forth below as to what to do with these two subjects.

1. Non-Disclosure Issues

Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement

If you have been asked to do so by SWANsat personnel, please print out, fill out all blank spaces, and sign this document. Then fax the signed SIGNATURE PAGE ONLY to us at +1.208.567.3898.

2. Risk Mitigation Concerns

Risk Disclosure Statement (40 pages)

What could possibly go wrong with new, untested technology, you ask? Plenty, and our risk disclosure statement talks about this. Everything from the risks of untested technologies to what might happen if the earth experienced a magnetic pole shift or reversal, or if somebody sues the cell phone industry because they think cell phones kill honey bees! More than 150 paragraphs of things that could go wrong are described. We even disclose our mistakes that we've made along the way since we started SWANsat in 1996! If you're thinking about becoming formally involved on some level with SWANsat, including provision of funds to SWANsat via loan, investment, or even via gifts through our non-profit structure, you must download and print this document. Then fill out all blank spaces, initial each page, and sign it. Then fax the signature page ONLY to us at +1.208.567.3898.

After you've faxed us the signature page, please then snail mail a signed copy of all 40 pages (making sure you've signed your initials in the space at the bottom right hand side of each page and making sure that you've placed your wet signature on the signature page) to this address:

SWANsat Holdings, LLC
ATTN: Risk Disclosure Statement

13111 Downey Avenue

Paramount, CA  90723

Here are links to the exhibits to the Risk Disclosure Statement as separate files:

Exhibits to Risk Disclosure Statement (about 360 pages)

Alternatively, you may download the Risk Disclosure Statement and the exhibits to the Risk Disclosure Statement as a single large file here:

Risk Disclosure Statement with Exhibit (about 400 pages)

Price-Anderson Act (about 155 pages)

Concerned about launch risk mitigation? Here's a summary of the Price-Anderson Act that will be relied on for launch insurance risk mitigation:

Price-Anderson Act (about 155 pages)

NAS Report on Solar Severe Storm Warning (14 Megs)

In early January 2009, NASA and the National Academy of Sciences released a 145-page document entitled Severe Space Weather Events—Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts: a Workshop Report. World Net Daily's report of the publication of the joint NASA-NAS study followed a 28 July 2008 article in Scientific American that echoed the same concerns.

Download the NAS Report (14 Megs)

Download the Scientific America report dated 28 July 2008

Download the World Net Daily story dated 10 January 2009

The BioInitiative Report

David Carpenter and Cindy Sage served as editors of the BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF). Published in late August 2007, this 600+ page report calls for limits on artificially generated electromagnetic fields. If the suggestions contained in this report were to be adopted on a global basis, the SWANsat System might be curtailed with respect to its capabilities enough to make operation of the constellation impossible or impractical.


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