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Section VIII: Back Haul Tower Support

SWANsat's mobile handsets may require use of a back haul tower support system to ensure robust closure of the link for data communication from the mobile handset to the SWANsat constellation. We estimate that the African continent will require about 13,300 towers. Each of these towers will require an energy source to  power the back haul tower uplink equipment.

Candidate Energy Source #1:
Traditional Diesel-Fueled Generators

The Company is examining the feasibility of using traditional diesel-fueled generators to power the back haul towers, but providing on-site generation of diesel fuel utilizing Joule Unlimited's design for direct creation of diesel fuel from bioengineered organisms related genetically to blue algae:

Patent 7785861: Hyperphotosynthetic Organisms (85 pages)

Patent 7794969: Methods and Compositions for the Recombinant Biosynthesis of N-Alkanes (175 pages)

Patent Application 20100330642: Biosynthesis of 1-Alkenes in Engineered Microorganisms (79 pages)

Patent Application 20110008861: Engineered CO2 Fixing Microorganisms Producing Carbon-based Products of Interest (137 pages)

Patent Application 20110020867: Constructs and Methods for Efficient Transformation of Micro-organisms for Production of Carbon-based Products of Interest (50 pages)

Candidate Energy Source #2:
Direct Generation from Earth's Magnetic Field

To be developed by SWANsat Aerospace as part of its contract for delivery of the space and earth segments of the SWANsat System.


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