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Section XIII: Reports to Friends of SWANsat

Here's where we post copies of our periodic reports to Friends of SWANsat. We started sending these reports to various persons of interest in mid-spring 2009. The latest posting will always be at the top of the list below.

— Ground Zero Report Posted 18 September 2009 in PDF Format

This disturbing report presents engineering evidence that the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 may have been augmented by somebody lighting off a low-yield nuclear weapon underneath the WTC. Readers are invited to pay attention to the documentation of very high levels of isotopes of strontium and barium that are consistent with low-yield nuclear detonations. Though technically unrelated to SWANsat System progress updates, this document was provided to us by one of our technical advisors, so we're passing it along to anybody who wants to read it. See the report for information about the author, who was not the one who sent it to us.

— Report dated 14 August 2009 in PDF Format

         — Attachment to report of 14 August 2009 in PDF Format (about 6 Megs)

We were informed by one of our readers that our claim that the TARP bailout was $1.3 trillion was off by USD$20 trillion.... Here's the documentation that demonstrates that our reader was right and we were wrong. See page 138 of the Quarterly Report to Congress, where you can read the summary table that catalogues up to USD$23,000,000,000,000 (USD$23.7 trillion) in potential liabilities to be incurred by the United States government in order to "solve" the bailout problem. And that's why we've lost confidence in the U.S. dollar as the medium of exchange in which to denominate our SWANsat contract.

         — SIG-TARP 2009 07 Quarterly Report to Congress

         — Appendices to SIG-TARP 2009 07 Quarterly Report to Congress

         — SIG-TARP Testimony before House Committee on Government Reform

         — SIG-TARP Testimony before House Committee on Ways and Means

— Report dated 8 April 2009 in PDF Format


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