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7. FERA and Senate Bill 2433
8. Backhaul Tower Support
9. South Sudan Proposals
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12. mySWANbank
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18. Islamic Banking Issues
19. World Bank and ODA
20. Links that Mention SWANsat
21. The LIBERTY™ Suite
22. SWANsat Aerospace, Our Vendor
23. Relations with the African Union
26. Milestones: Progress to Date
24. The NEPAD Council
25. AUric/Global Settlement Foundation
27. Press Reports about SWANsat
28. Press Images and Logos
29. Mauritius Documents
30. On Visionaries...

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Section XX: Links that Mention SWANsat

This page posts only non-press reports. CLICK HERE to see some press reports posted on the Internet. The following links are to external third party web pages that discuss the SWANsat System. Unless otherwise indicated, all links open in a new window. Also unless otherwise indicated, no one affiliated with SWANsat was responsible for initiating the posting or link cited.

NEPAD Council and ICT Africa 2008

The NEPAD Council is now lobbying on behalf of SWANsat by recommending that the AU grant landing rights to SWANsat in return for SWANsat providing 200 free video channels to each member state of the AU and to the AU's Office of the Secretariat. The NEPAD Council endorses SWANsat as a

worthwhile initiative for Africa, provided the promised €1 per 2 Meg/second of symmetric bandwidth for third world countries will indeed be achievable. We will be willing to endorse the project based on that assumption.

We'll be presenting a special tutorial workshop on how SWANsat will serve as a modern Marshall Plan for the African Union at the NEPAD Council's ICT Africa 2008 conference from 13-15 February 2008 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ICT Africa 2008 will address a wide range of ICT issues in Africa. The conference will bring together engineers, developers, leaders, managers, educators, financiers, and representatives from all over Africa.

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ITU Connect Africa 2007 Summit


FIT Nepal: Dinner Event
Photo Gallery from Dr. Welty's trip to Nepal in March 2006, where he addressed several hundred leaders of the Nepalese government. This set of images was assembled from photographs taken at a private reception held the next evening.

Biocrawler Reference Article Summary for SWANsat
Description of
SWANsat System as WSIS stakeholder with respect to commitments and initiatives

Papyrus News
Mark Warschauer's news blog posting on broadband access and democratization of web publishing dated 14 September 2006.

ICT for Development
Imagine a series of at least three satellites providing wireless Internet access to the entire world. That’s exactly what a project called SWANsat or Super-Wide Area Network Satellite plans to do..."

Web Blogs
As word begins to circulate around the world about
SWANsat's potential—everything from its use as a means to alleviate world poverty to its capacity to deliver low-cost ICT to developing nations, sooner or later various people would begin to comment on the SWANsat System. Here's a representative sample:

GIZMO CAFE: SWANsat to Turn Earth into Wi-Fi Hotspot
Description of
SWANsat System by a blogger unaffiliated with SWANsat. You will need to register (no cost) as a Gizmo Cafe user to view this page.

PhysOrgForum: SWANsat to Turn Earth into Wi-Fi Hotspot
Repost of Gizmo Cafe posting by a blogger unaffiliated with

Xanga Blog
A frank discussion by a semi-anonymous young lady who calls herself swansat_kaching.

YouTube: SWANsat — Bridging the Digital Divide
Rajeev Choudhury's posting of a video of our presentation at the FIT Nepal conference in March 2006 regarding
SWANsat. Mr. Choudhury was responsible for posting an excellent and accurate summary of what SWANsat is on the Wikipedia Encyclopedia web site. Due to a libelous campaign from an individual who claimed that Mr. Choudhury's posting ID "WMD" was a pseudonym for SWANsat founder Dr. William Welty, the Wikipedia article about SWANsat that Mr. Choudhury wrote was de-listed from Wikipedia.

World Summit on the Information Society Golden Book
Description of
SWANsat System as WSIS stakeholder with respect to commitments and initiatives. Contents of this page, but not the page itself, were provided by SWANsat to the ITU at the request of the WSIS.


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