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Liberty is the empowerment to do what one ought, not the license to do what one wants. On a national level, it is the harvest yielded from the lives of individuals who plant the seed of self-government within as the foundation of the thoughts, intents, words, and deeds of life. On a national level, the fruit of liberty is national prosperity in all its multi-colored forms. Its price is eternal vigilance, because it is within the nature of those who are enslaved to their own desires and fears to yearn to enslave others. By the providence of God, it is the nature of free people that they cannot be enslaved to a politics of guilt and pity, of envy and entitlement, of theft and wealth redistribution. Accordingly, SWANsat shall extend no safe harbor to those who would foster tyranny.

— SWANSAT Founder Dr. William P. Welty,
    on why SWANsat ICT services shall be liberty-based

Coming soon...In collaboration with the fine folk at XeroBank, we are pleased to announce SWANsat's LIBERTY™ Suite, a suite of programs and internet-based personal services designed to create maximum security for the internet community. Our partnership with XeroBank provides a pre-launch marketing solution to the challenge of how to provide a revenue stream during the 54 months needed to design and deploy the first SWANsat spacecraft sufficient to mitigate investment risk of the €18 billion needed to deploy all 14 spacecraft in the SWANsat constellation. Here are the five components of the SWANsat LIBERTY Suite:

SWANsurf™ — An easy to use, safe, secure, anonymous, and free computing and internet communications environment

SWANmail™ — A highly secure safe, secure, anonymous, and free environment for Internet email communication

SWANsafe™ — An easy means of deployment and maintenance of an encrypted, secure, and anonymous computer operating system

SWANphone™ — The Liberty International Voice Encryption Services (LIVES™) Client.  Telephone calls from just about anywhere to just about anywhere.

SWANbank™ — A highly secure safe, secure, anonymous, and free method of managing personal finances from any computer anywhere in the world

Antecedent to launch, the SWANsat LIBERTY™ Suite will be free to download and use in tandem with SWANsat's branded pre-launch marketing program. Co-branded with the SWANsat logo, the LIBERTY™ suite will consist of at least the following three free downloadable programs and two free internet-based services:

                  Click here to download the Cygnusurf anonymous browser by Torrify, LLC—for free!
Provides anonymous browsing of the internet via the Onion Router (TOR) network. SWANsurf™ is based on the well known and reliable Firefox open source browser. TOR network capability is derived from
XeroBank, in cooperation with the folk at XeroBank. It's safe. It's secure. It's anonymous. And it's free.

Click here to download!Download the SWANsurf™ Browser

COMING: The SWANmail™ Email Client
Totally anonymous email for your computer based on the Thunderbird open source email system, but co-branded with
XeroBank encrypted email system. It's safe. It's secure. It's anonymous. And it's free.

COMING: The SWANsafe™ Guarantor Ultimate Internet Privacy Tool
TOR-networked hardened edition of
XeroBank's version of the open source Gentoo Linux operating system. Allows rich content like Flash and Java without compromising user anonymity. Under 250 Megabytes in size, live boots from a flash drive can be accomplished with remotely mounted encrypted partitions allowing access from anywhere in the world. It's safe. It's secure. It's anonymous. And it's free.

Click here to view a sample screenshot (opens in a new window)

But wait...there's more! Also antecedent to launch, in addition to the free software packages listed above, the SWANsat LIBERTY™ Suite will include these internet based services, also free to our users:

COMING: SWANphone Liberty International Voice Encryption Services (LIVES™)
A pre-launch service by which any USA-based user can make a phone call from just about anywhere to just about anywhere. Offered in partnership with VoIP services now being rendered on the internet, but re-branded with the SWANphone logo. Safe. Secure. Anonymous. And pretty much free.

COMING: The SWANbank™ Liberty Financial System
A liberty-based internet financial system from
XeroBank with anonymous credit cards. Internationally available access to your money from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. It's safe. It's secure. It's anonymous. Not quite free, but close to it.

But wait...there's more! After launch, the SWANsat System server system will provide the ultimate hardened, secure location for computer services—on board the SWANsat spacecraft constellation itself, located more than 22,000 miles off planet earth. Safe from malicious intrusions. Safe from theft. Safe from vandalism.


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