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Section XXIV: The NEPAD Council

We began discussions with the African Union's Representational Mission to the United States of America in Washington, DC, by writing to Her Excellency Ambassador Amina Salum Ali in late July 2007. In reply, we were invited to meet with her. On 6 September 2007, we discussed a number of issues relating to a cooperative relationship that will benefit the African Union. We continued to have periodic discussions with the African Union, utilizing the NEPAD Council as our liaison representative. In late June 2008, at the direct invitation of the African Union to do so, we presented a preliminary written proposal for consideration.

Download our correspondence of 23 June 2008.

Further Correspondence with African Union

     Letter dated 11 August 2009 to AU Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy

Contains Technology Readiness Assessment regarding the SWANsat System. Also includes a fax copy of a determination letter issued by the U.S. Department of State (and referencing a communication from the U.S. Department of Commerce), dated 10 August but delivered to SWANsat Holdings on 11 August, showing that the SWANsat Technology Readiness Assessment is not subject to export restrictions.

          Technology Readiness Assessment with DoS and DoC determination letters included

     Letter dated 11 August 2009 in RE Landing Rights and AUric Gold Standard to AU

          Draft Note Verbale in RE Landing Rights in Microsoft Word DOC file format

               Draft Note Verbale in RE Landing Rights in Adobe PDF format

          Draft Note Verbale in RE AUric Gold Standard in Microsoft Word DOC file format

               Draft Note Verbale in RE AUric Gold Standard in Adobe PDF format

Joint Interest Agreements

On 17 July 2009 the SWANsat System and Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Interest Agreement which delegates the management of the AUric to the GSF.

     PGP Signatures: GSF SWANsat MetaNET

     Keys: GSF SWANsat MetaNET

On 6 August 2009 NEPAD Council and GSF entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Interest Agreement to promote the use of the pan-African AUric as a deliverable unit of account in Africa. Dr. James Kajete has accepted the dual roles of GSF Liaison from NEPAD Council and Europe-Africa Chair from the GSF.

     PGP Signatures: GSF NEPAD Council

     Keys: GSF NEPAD Council

The NEPAD Council is lobbying on behalf of SWANsat by recommending that the AU grant landing rights to SWANsat in return for SWANsat providing 200 free video channels to each member state of the AU and to the AU's Office of the Secretariat. The NEPAD Council endorses SWANsat as a

worthwhile initiative for Africa, provided the promised €1 per 2 Meg/second of symmetric bandwidth for third world countries will indeed be achievable. We will be willing to endorse the project based on that assumption.

After a series of negotiations and discussion regarding the wording of a formal agreement, we sent a final draft for signature. The NEPAD Council ratified the agreement on 16 November 2007.

Download PDF Version of Joint Interest Agreement with Draft AU Note Verbale.

Then on 28 September 2007 we wrote to the NEPAD Council with a proposal by which NEPAD Council would provide support to SWANsat regarding liaison representation on our behalf before the African Union.

Download our letter of 28 September to NEPAD Council.

We'll be presenting a special tutorial workshop on how SWANsat will serve as a modern Marshall Plan for the African Union at the NEPAD Council's ICT Africa 2008 conference from 13-15 February 2008 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ICT Africa 2008 will address a wide range of ICT issues in Africa. The conference will bring together engineers, developers, leaders, managers, educators, financiers, and representatives from all over Africa. We will present a printed white paper to the conference, as well as a PowerPoint presentation:

Download Our White Paper On How to Bring ICT to the African Union by 2013.

Download Our PowerPoint Presentation for the ICT Africa 2008 Conference.


The NEPAD Council has begun publication of a quarterly magazine concerning issues of interest to the African Union business community. As of June 2009, the inaugural edition was to feature prominently a cover story on the SWANsat project. Click on the links below to read pre-publication drafts of this main article, which is entitled Low-cost ICT: Golden Key to Africa's Economic Future:

Download Microsoft Word DOC file or Adobe PDF file

We were also asked to contribute a second article on our Gold Standard proposal. Click on the links below to read early pre-publication drafts of this second article, which is entitled On Letting Justice Roll Down: Introducing an Honest Gold Standard for Africa:

Download Microsoft Word DOC file or Adobe PDF file

Click on the link below to download both articles in a single PDF file:

Adobe PDF file showing Low-cost ICT article as lead

Adobe PDF file with cover mockup showing Low-cost ICT article as lead

We were asked to produce an edition of our gold standard article to reflect interest by the Republic of Zimbabwe:

Download Microsoft Word DOC file or Adobe PDF file


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