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Section XXV: Introducing the Global Settlement Foundation and the AUric


The budget for design, construction, launch, and deployment of SWANsat requires six  cash payments, made on 12 month centers, of about USD$9 billion each. Frankly, I'm not worried whether or not the first payment of USD$9 billion will buy us our first two satellites delivered to orbit. I'm worried whether or not the final payment of USD$9 billion will buy me a sandwich for lunch instead....

— SWANSAT Founder Dr. William P. Welty,
on the need for a gold and silver standard to protect against coming international hyperinflation of  fiat paper currencies
such as the dollar and the euro caused by banking and governmental mismanagement of traditional currencies

Public Notice: The Global Settlement Foundation

Public Notice in RE: Global Settlement Foundation

Introducing an Inflation-Proof Gold and Silver Standard
Offered as Part of the SWANsat Modern Marshall Plan
for the African Union

Our White Paper On How to Bring ICT to the African Union by 2013

Our PowerPoint Presentation for the ICT Africa 2008 Conference

PDF Print of PowerPoint Presentation

Press Release on AUric Coin Design


The NEPAD Council has begun publication of a quarterly magazine concerning issues of interest to the African Union business community. As of June 2009, the inaugural edition was to feature prominently a cover story on the SWANsat project. Click on the links below to read pre-publication drafts of this main article, which is entitled Low-cost ICT: Golden Key to Africa's Economic Future:

Download Microsoft Word DOC file or Adobe PDF file

We were also asked to contribute a second article on our Gold Standard proposal. Click on the links below to read early pre-publication drafts of this second article, which is entitled On Letting Justice Roll Down: Introducing an Honest Gold Standard for Africa:

Download Microsoft Word DOC file or Adobe PDF file

Click on the link below to download both articles in a single PDF file:

Adobe PDF file showing Low-cost ICT article as lead

Adobe PDF file with cover mockup showing Low-cost ICT article as lead

We were asked to produce an edition of our gold standard article to reflect interest by the Republic of Zimbabwe:

Download Microsoft Word DOC file or Adobe PDF file

The AUric gold coin design, the numismatic term of descriptive art "AUric", and the AUric currency symbol device are claimed as trademarks by SWANsat Holdings, LLC.  Copyright © 2007 and Trademark ™ 2007 by SWANsat Holdings, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INTERNATIONALLY. Trademark ® Registrations for the AUric gold coin design, the numismatic term of descriptive art "AUric", and the AUric currency symbol device are pending 2008. All rights are pledged for transfer to the African Union upon: (1) execution of a planned Note Verbale and Memorandum of Understanding between SWANsat Holdings, LLC and the African Union regarding Landing Rights for SWANsat, (2) exercise of a funding participation option described therein, and (3) actual receipt of funding for the SWANsat System proceeding therefrom.

High-Tech Project for African Union Proposes
Innovative Design to Stabilize African Economy

Mariposa Graphic Artist Designs Coin Prototype

Mariposa, CA — Larry Vilott, of Vilott Creative Services of Mariposa, California, has been commissioned to design the 100 AUric gold coin, a prototype 1 oz. gold coin for presentation to the African Union as a new gold- and silver-based currency proposed for use by the emerging 53-member economic confederacy.

Vilott's design will be introduced to the African Union at the ICT Africa 2008 telecommunications conference scheduled to take place from February 13-15, 2008 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the African Union's capital.

Specially struck over-size commemorative medallions of the 100 AUric coin will be presented to Her Excellency Amina Salum Ali, the African Union's ambassador to the United States, to Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo, Senior Vice President of the NEPAD Council, the African Union's official ICT advocacy non-profit organization, and to a number of specially designated officials of the African Union.


Dr. William P. Welty


The design for the 100 AUric coin was commissioned by Dr. William Welty, Chief Executive Officer of SWANsat LLC, developer and provider of the Super-Wide Area Network Satellite (SWANsat) System.

"The name AUric is a deliberate numismatic pun," explains Dr. Welty. "The chemical symbol for gold — AU — contains the same two letters that comprise the abbreviation for 'African Union'. By naming the new proposed coin AUric, we're deliberately tying the new coin's content to the African Union's economy." SWANsat, a planned constellation of high-powered telecommunications satellites, is part of what the telecom licensee calls a modern Marshall Plan for the African Union. SWANsat is intended to aid in the continent's economic development by providing very low cost, satellite network-based high-speed internet, computer, media, and VoIP service access throughout the continent.

As part of its contribution to the emerging African Union, SWANsat has offered to develop and help implement a continent-wide gold- and silver-based economy. As initially proposed, at current international spot gold prices approaching $900 per ounce, a single AUric will be worth about $9.Trademarks to the AUric design and currency symbol will be assigned to the African Union as part of a formal agreement between the African Union and SWANsat Holdings.

Vilott's design for the candidate AUric gold coin will be struck exclusively from gold obtained from African-based precious metals dealers, providing an exceptionally stable foundation for the economy of all of Africa.

Vilott has produced a design for the "obverse" (heads) side. Vilott's design is intended for use on all 1 oz. 100 AUric coins (see photo).

Artisans indigenous to each of the 53 members of the African Union will be invited to contribute "reverse" (tails) side designs for the AUric, with one different design representing each member nation.

Additional coins in smaller denominations of the AUric are planned for issuance in silver. That way, unlike other modern gold and silver coins being produced internationally, the AUric won't remain merely a numismatic collector's item. Instead, it's planned to be used in everyday commerce.


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