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SWANsat Application # LI083906XX before the
Export-Import Bank of the United States

Mauritius GBC-2 Incorporation Documentation for MetaNET Services, LTD.

Pursuant to a condition of receipt of certain funding guarantees with respect to the Super-Wide Area Network Satellite (SWANsat) System, we were informed by a senior executive of the Export-Import Bank of the United States that an Africa-based corporation would need to be formed and utilized as the applicant for receipt of funding guarantees relating to the approximately USD$36 billion needed to fund the SWANsat Project. This page provides links to Adobe Acrobat PDF editions of high- and medium-resolution full color copies of the incorporation documents for METANET SERVICES, LTD., a Mauritius Global Category Two Non-Resident Business Corporation, which was formed in late November 2008.

High Resolution PDF copy of Incorporation Documents (302,185,830 bytes)

Identical in content to the Medium Resolution copy below, this file contains a copy of the international apostille (i.e., an internationally-validated, certified notary seal) affixed to the incorporation documents, scanned at a resolution of 400 pixels per inch.

Medium-Resolution PDF copy of Incorporation Documents (15,090,128 bytes)

Identical in content to the High Resolution copy above, but set with a resolution of about 150 pixels per inch.

METANET SERVICES, LTD. is operated by SWANsat Holdings, LLC.


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